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Thee Almighty Gaylord Nation

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DISCLAIMER: All of the Information on this website is for educational purposes only. It is in no way meant to encourage the gang lifestyle or solicit membership.

All the information contained on this website was dictated to me, word by word, by a member of the GAYLORDS Street Gang. The content has not been altered. Whatever you learn, however you feel, I believe you will have a better understanding of how the GAYLORD NATION developed and why.


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Thee Almighty Gaylord Nation

Thee Almighty Gaylord Nation

What is a gang member?Welcome to this web site. Please be advised that this site is not a gang authorized or endorsed venue. Basically, this is just a sociological study, where one certain gang is being analyzed. The reasoning for this is to hopefully give society a better understanding of the gang lifestyle, by doing an in-depth study on one individual gang. This particular gang was once extremely active on the streets of Chicago, no longer street-active anymore.

We believe what makes this particular gang research site interesting, is that the actual gang that is being studied was predominately white; a rarity since the later half of the 2Oth Century. Another interesting feature is that many retired members of this gang have graciously contributed their own perspectives in the form of text and images that you will find within this site. Fundamentally, it is all just a retrospect of a lifestyle once lived.

We hope that the blunt presentation of the text and the graphic images does not disturb you; after all, realism was the objective here. Now, with that short but pointed introduction over, go ahead and take your journey in to the hearts and minds of "The Gaylords."

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Two Books Inspired by the Website

From the popularity of the website and the interest in the Gaylords and other Chicago Street Gangs, the website author - Michael Scott - has written two books: "Great American Youth" and the sequel "Lords of Kilbourn".

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New Gaylords Book: Great American Youth New Gaylords Book: Great American Youth

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