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Stone Greasers Emblem

Kewpees Mascot
Kewpees Mascot

Chicago Gangs and Greaser Clubs

69th Street Loafers

Wicker Park Warlords

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Mostly Italian from 69th and Hermitage. This includes: 68th and Wood Street Lil Loafers and 68th and Damen Lil Loafers. In 1959, they congregated at 66th and Honore.

69st Loafers

69th Street Loafers gang card

South Side Italian Gang

67th STREET BOYS: Italian From the same area as the 69th Street Loafers

68th Street

68th Street gang card

69th Street South Side Chitowners Facebook page

This page contains stories and photos of the 69th Street community from the 50's up through the mid 70's.

Chicago Italian Neighborhoods