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Debbie Kozlarek and Carolyn Vandermolen Murders

Chicago Cold Case Murder

Debbie Kozlarek/Carolyn Vandermolen Murders

September 22. 1972

On the evening of September 22. 1972, two attractive young girls from the Back of the Yards, Debbie Kozlarek 17, and Carolyn Vandermolen 13, were last seen walking South in the 5100 block of South Elizabeth at around 11pm. The following morning their bodies were found just off the bridle path in Washington Park, west of the 5200 block of Payne Drive. Both girls had been shot in the back of the head execution style with a 32 caliber pistol.

Nearly four decades later the case remains unsolved, but through the power of the internet, small but significant details of the case have been gradually emerging. Feel free to contact us at to offer your theories, suggestions, questions, or memories. We may never bring Debbie and Carolyn's murderers to justice in this world, but we will not give up trying.

Murder Timeline Video

Please watch the video and if anything comes to mind - no matter how insignificant you may feel it is - please write to us.

Latest Leads in the Case

It has recently come to our attention that the European edition of the Stars And Stripes (a newspaper written for those in the US military overseas) in an article about the Kozlarek-Vandermolen murder case, mentioned that security officers at a concert at McCormick Place reported seeing one of the girls the night they were murdered. In addition, a few years before this site was set up, two people who lived in the neighborhood, told the webmaster that Debbie and Carolyn had mentioned wanting to attend a rock concert the night they were murdered. If the sighting at McCormick Place is accurate it would probably indicate that the girls attempted to get tickets for the 10:30 show featuring the "Eagles" and "Yes," found the concert was sold out and returned to there neighborhood. Since there were no reported sightings according to the newspapers, of the girls between 10 and 11 pm, it would be possible to travel to and from McCormick Place within that time period.

Debbie Kozlarek/Carolyn Vandermolen

Interested individuals who would be willing to share information or make an anonymous tip can send a confidential message to the people researching this case. If you lived in the Back of the Yards, knew either girl, or saw something strange during that period of time in the area – please feel free to send that information forward. All correspondence will be kept completely confidential!

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Feel few to ask questions and pass along information - it will be greatly appreciated. Something that you might think is unimportant maybe a missing piece to solving the case.

All correspondents will be kept completely confidential. This cold case has been open for 40 years, and we think that it should be solved.

Thank you!

Rest In Peace Debbie and Carolyn

Debbie Kozlarek

Carolyn VanderMolen

Press Articles on Murder

Debbie Kozlarek Carolyn VanderMolen found in Washington Park