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Gary, Indiana | Gary Gangs


Gary's Oldest, Most Influential Gang

Starting in the early 60's, the Kangaroo's were Gary's oldest Black gang. The Kangaroo's were given credit for influencing many South Side Chicago Black gangs. Gary, Indiana had a well established Black community due to the migration of Blacks from the South who came to Gary for jobs in the United States Steel Mills. It was stated that Chicago's Black population at that time was made up of mostly rural Southern Blacks whereas Gary had urban Blacks who had already been in Gary for a few generations.

The Family

Formed in 1972

In 1972, The Family was the fastest growing gang in Gary who was taking over the Heroin trade on the streets of the city. The Family's turf was Maryland Street in Gary's Midtwon Ghetto.


Delaney Projects.

Chicago Interlopers

Old School Black Gang

Started in the 60's. Their main enemy was The Family.

Sin City Disciples

Formed in the sixties

Their main enemy was The Family.

Black P Stones

Started in Chicago

The Black P Stones were the first gang to ever open up sections in other cities, and other states.