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Lansing Vice Lords and North Side CRIPS

Baker Street Vice Lords

How they got started:

Two Chicago Vice Lords are responsible for starting the Baker Street Vice Lords, Eight-Ball and Ice. Eight-Ball moved to Lansing and lived with his aunt on Baker Street on the City's South Side. At the time, the teens on Baker Street were not in any organized gang, but looked out for one another, covered each other's backs, within their own group of friends. Eight-Ball told these teens stories about the Chicago Vice Lords and eventually recruited them into his own section of Baker Street Vice Lords.

Vice Lord Leadership

Lansing, Michigan

The Vice Lords had experienced leadership through Eight-Ball and Ice - two seasoned Vice Lords from Chicago. The Baker Street crew became a force to be reckoned with. They eventually received the reputation of being the largest and toughest gang in the City of Lansing, Michigan.

Branching Out


The Lansing Baker Street Section eventually spread to nearby Jackson, Michigan. From there they ended up starting sections in Flint and Detroit. This expansion would continue until evetnually the leadership ended up with lengthy prison sentences.

Baker Street Railroad Tracks

The Vice Lords use to conduct their business near the store on Baker Street near the railroad tracks. They used the tracks to escape from the Police, when chased, by running down the tracks and hidding out in the many businesses along the route.

North Side Crips

Allied With the Vice Lords

The Baker Street Vice Lords were made up of mostly white and Black members. The North Side Crips were mainly Latino. The North Side Crips controlled the North Side of Lansing and were allied with the Baker Street Vice Lords. Both gangs together controlled some large turfs and were a force to be reakoned with in the City of Lansing for their time period, which was the late 80's through the 90's.

Vice Lords Disbanding

After the Vice Lord leadership receiving lengthy prison sentences, the VL's of Lansing eventually broke up and went their separate ways. By that time, most of the members were getting older and starting families and did not want to end up in prison like their leaders. They broke up, but many still live in the Lansing area.

Another crew claims the Vice Lords Turf on Baker Street, today, the Concrete Money Gang. The area is now referred to as "Cap City."

Connection To Chicago Vice Lords

Through their Eight-Ball they had a Chicago Vice Lord connection.