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Morgan Deuces | Chicago Morgan Deuces

Morgan Deuces

From an Ex-Morgan Deuce

The original Morgan Deuces started on Van Buren and Morgan back in the early 50s. When they build the circle campus that whole area the Hispanics moved to the East side of 18th St. They hung out on 18th and Morgan, that Ambrose at that time hung out at Dover Park, the Spartans hung out around Harrison Park. The largest game at that time where the Rampants, there were never any Latin King and 18th. The Satan Disciples were located on 18th and Oakley. Ambrose actually took out the Rampant to the point that they broke up the whole game. And for a while there they ran 18th St.


The Bishops start on 18th and Bishop they only control to blacks. They were so small that they were under the Latin Counts protection which the Counts, were on a 18th and Blue Inland.

Area Gangs


Crazy Tony

You mentioned that it was Crazy Tony’s Morgan’s Deuces, he never gave anyone any orders at any time he was just one of the guys. Their colors were charcoal gray with Olympia stripes on the shoulders that were light gray.

Cullerton Deuces

And the Cullerton Deuces were under the Morgan Deuces protection and their colors were the same sweaters. I really can’t tell you how the Insane Deuces got their name. It could’ve been someone from the old neighborhood moved to the North. One of our friends little rich moved into the project Clybourn and diversity that was the first week from the south side heard about the Clybourn duces which now are called Insane Deuces. One of the guys brother started the deuces on 31th street.

Ridgeway Lords

Another one of 26 street you know the name of that game, they were originally a baseball team that played ball by K Town when the Ridgeway Lords ran K Town. And the rest is history.

Morgan Deuces Verses the Satan Disciples

We had a crazy relationship with the Satan Disciples. If were at a bar – our two gangs drank together. If something started we would join sides. We all knew each other by name and most of our families, but on the streets we were arch enemies and we would have shot it out.