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The Stoned Freaks started in the Kelvyn Park area on Chicago's Northwest side. There had previously been several organizations which incorporated the moniker "Freak" , such as the United Freaks of Portage Park, the Cicero Freaks of the suburb of Cicero, and the Freaks of Jefferson Park. Although all of these groups were White street gangs, none were related to each other. The Stoned Freaks were conceived by "Lil Al", later known as "Crazy F". Originally, a gang known as Youngblood Freaks inhabited the Kelvyn Park area as early as about 1971. They were a punk-rock, party crew type of organization. "Crazy F" transformed the group into a criminal organization in the late 1970's, and they adopted the moniker of Stoned Freaks Nation (SFN). The Kelvyn Park SFs operated in the area from West Armitage Street to West Diversy Street, North Cicero Avenue to North Pulaski Avenue. The Stoned Freaks initially partook in petty theft, graffiti, and gang fights. They would soon become involved in the selling of "Acid" (LSD) and "China White" (Heroin). Meanwhile, another major "Freak" gang operated on the Far Northwest Side in the Jefferson Park area, mainly as a party group that frequently engaged in neighborhood brawls with the C-Notes street gang. This group was led by "Eight-Ball.", and would eventually fall under the leadership of the Stoned Freak organization. During the 1980s, the Kelvyn Park area South of Fullerton began overran by Latinos residents, and thus, Latino gangs, particularly, the Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles and Maniac Latin Disciples.

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United Freaks of Portage Park

The SF's would fight vicious wars with all of the aforementioned gangs, especially the Cobras. Nevertheless, the Freaks continued to operate around the vicinity of West Wrightwood Street and North Kilbourn Avenue. In 1992, "Crazy F" was incarcerated for attempted murder (although his charge was plea-bargained down to a lesser charge). He quickly established a relationship with the Latin Kings street gang on the inside, and the Stoned Freaks joined the "People Alliance." During this time, the gang fought a vicious war with the Spanish Cobras for control of Kelvyn Park. Meanwhile, the Kelvyn Park area north of Fullerton street began change in ethnicity, an influx Latino families led to "white flight." This along with police intensity and constant harassment from the aforementioned gangs forced the Freaks to abandon their Kelvyn Park stronghold. However, they set up a base of operation in the Edgewater and Portage Park neighborhoods, while remaining entrenched in the Jefferson Park area. "Crazy F" was recently released from prison. He is said to have retired from gang activity, leaving the mob under the control of a 10 man "council".