History of the Deuces

The Deuces started out in the Lathrop Homes in the early 1970s. Two gangs controlled the projects before the Deuces: the Blackhawk, Hoyne Outlaws which became the Junior Barons. The Barons were a racially mixed gang, mostly White, but had Latino and Black members. One of the Baronís big leaders was RIP Gilbert Sanchez who was killed, July 27, 1968, by a Lathrop Homes security guard. The Barons controlled the projects as a turf gang, including some minor dope sales, up until the early 70s.

At the same time, a group of 12 guys, one was the cousin of a Morgan Deuce, was starting up the Young Deuces. The Barons were aging, so the up and coming Deuces respectfully, but forcefully, asked the Barons to step down, in return the Deuces would take care of them. From the early 1970s on, the Deuces took over the Lathrop Homes becoming the Insane Deuces. These 12 guys designed the original black and green sweater that the Deuces were known for. After a few years, they went in separate directions from the Morgan Deuces and became known as the Insane Deuces. They also recruited kids from the neighborhoods out side of the Lathrop Homes Projects, and that is where the Jahn Deuce, Hamlin Park Deuce, and Clybourne Deuce sections were formed.

Young Deuces Early 1970's

Young Deuces early 1970's card

Racial makeup

Due to only having 12 guys the Deuces were relatively small compared to other gangs in Logan Square. When they got into fights with other gangs at Lane Technical High School they were out numbered as most of the greaser and Latino gangs had 30 plus members. The Insane Deuces would have to call upon their Black and Latino friends in the projects for backup. A lot of the greaser gangs could not understand how the Deuces could get along as a racially mixed gang, but as an original Deuce put it: we all grew up together and watched each otherís backs.


The Insane Deuces really did not have any turf wars with rival gangs besides the Simon City Royals. They did on occasion get into fights with OAís, Latin Kings, Jousters, Popes, CNotes, and the Gaylords. This was mostly due to attending school with then as Lane Tech. A a lot of the fights occurred in the triangle as they were waiting for the Ashland bus to take them home. Many CTA buses were bricked in these fights.

Death of Arab

An ex-Jahn Duece had this to say about the death of Arab: Anyway just wanted to say Arab was messing around with a girl that was the sister of a Jahn Deuce. She drove him into her garage and a couple deuces were waiting outside the garage when he came out they killed him. The house was on the 1900 block of west Melrose. They took the body into the car and threw it out by Manjovins. There was no sniper fire and it was not by the Lathurop Home Projects. A lot of shootings went on that summer.