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Kewpees Mascot
Kewpees Mascot

Chicago Pullman Gangs and Fenger H.S. Clubs

History of Chicago Pullman Irish Gangs

The de facto hangout spot was 111th Street & Michigan Avenue, at least for the Bumtown Gents. It was the hangout spot for basically anyone including smaller gangs like the 'Pullman Hackers'.

Fenger High School Riots - Sixties

At Fenger High School in 1969, thirty whites led by someone they called "Flash" went up against 80 blacks and successfully forced the crowd away from Fenger, only to have cops arrive at the high school and start arresting young blacks.

Riots on South Side of Chicago

The late 60's, however, during the riots, was undoubtedly the most violent time for the Bumtown Gents and other gangs in which there was a lot of fighting against the blacks moving into Roseland from other neighborhoods like Chatham and Woodlawn. It wasn't so much racism, as the gents having a problem with the blacks, as it was the police purposely instigating and encouraging youth to attack blacks in the neighborhood (a tactic which most certainly worked in favor of the police at the time).

Fenger High School Gangs

The news media made the Derrion Albert murder look like it was a rare occurence, but the fact remains that gang activity at Fenger High School has going on way before this murder. No one is saying that the Derrion Albert murder wasn't a big deal. It is always a big deal when someone that young is killed. But for the national talk shows to make this murder out to be an exception to the rule is just plain stupid. Fighting like what you saw in the cellphone video has been going on for 50 plus years. The only difference is that today everyone has cameras to record such incidents.

Burnside Gangs: Burnside Bums

The Bumtown Gents and the smaller groups were most active (fighting over turf) between 1966 and 1975. In the 70's as they got older, the police started coercing a lot of Roseland ruffians to move over into Pullman because of the shopping centers on Michigan Avenue as an economic spot at the time. Their corners of Kensington & Michigan Aves (with the Rosebowl Bowling Alley nearby) and of Kensington & Prairie Aves (where the Penquin restaurant was located) were the major hangouts.

Cottage Grove Avenue strip

From 87th to 115th street

Burnside, Pullman and Roseland Triangle of gangs against the influx of blacks to their neighborhoods

This was suppose to be a mix of white people from Pullman, Burnside and Roseland trying to keep these areas from being destroyed by the democrats and going all black, well that didn't work. Anyways, it was a mix of political, social groups, and sports teams so it didn't look to gangsterish. Is that a word? They had outdoor meetings in front of the Florence Hotel on 111th and Cottage. The group did draw heat from the cops because they seen it as some kind of 'White Power' thing.

Burnside Wall Mural

Burnside Bums Mural

Burnside Bums started in the early sixties. Mural done by Tom, one of the original members.

South Side White Flight

A lot of the whites from the South Side of Chicago felt that their neighborhoods were sacraficed to make room for the continous growing black community by the Social Engineers.

Midget Gangs in the area

Scorpions, Skulls, Losers, Hunky Avengers - which was a Hungarian gang.

93rd Street Avalon Boys

Chicago 93rd Street Avalon Boys 1967 through 1969

The teenagers in the photo were made up of neighborhood hippies. They hung from Kenwood to Avalon on 93rd Street, it was their area. Maybe 20 guys and 1/2 a dozen girls or more. 1967 to 1969.

At Cal Park

Hippies from Burnside at Cal Park

95th Street White Castle Boys

127th/Western Blue Is Castle Boys. Ex-White Castle Boy had this to say: "Most of the South Side Grease went to the Inn Motion at 59th & Kedzie. Anyone recall this? I dont recall baggy greys,blues,or green or collarless quilt jackets worn on the So Side. We got our shoes at Flag Bros ( $10) & a leather cabretta was $10 in Jew Town. Second shirts were $2 and pants same. Knew blind Arvella Gray down there. We did a fair amount of jammin ( boppin) with Sociolites at Jansons in Evergreen Park & Reds. I went in the Navy in 67 & when I returned my buddies were Hippies & Radicals-the ones left." The SAINTS & BISHOPS were also in Beverly."

"95th White Castles was a bad ass place believe it or not in 60s. My buddies uncle had a Tatt " Sons Of Italy " with the boot of Italy. He did come from round Ogden Park so this explains it. Anyone Remember Tatts Thomas on South State? or the Follies & Rialto? My buddy Wilson got a big black panther & big set of balls put on him on his forearm. My buddy Terry K. was shot at the Arena on Cicero in 64. Tom " Brownie " lived. I recall Mojo, M., and the rest. Moloff was once asked what he was bringin to swing at a JAM. He held up his fists & said " these " He was 50s Grease & older than us. I met Simon City in 63 & the Wood Street Walkers & Loafers. Zip guns still used then-dago "T'S ", suspenders & Brims."