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Play Boys, Ventures, and the Pulaski Parkers were three Northside Chicago Stone Greaser gangs that had formed an alliance. This alliance was once a rival of the Gaylords, but for a period of time in the 70s there was a Play Boy Ventures Gaylord unity.

Devil, from the original H&W Ventures, had this to say: “The Playboys were originally called the Playboys, and the three white Gangs from around Ashland and Division Ventures, Playboys and Pulaski Park boys all got together and formed the PVPs: Playboys-Ventures-Pulaski Park. I became a Venture after Doc and Kong got killed and Hung at St. Mary’s Church with the North and Damen Jousters, playboys and Ventures. . I went from that Last Stand against the Ricans up to Lawndale and fought at that last Stand..... Wouldn't change a Thing.”

Greasers United

P.V.R. was another alliance that stood for Play Boys Ventures Rice Boys
Play Boys Ventures Gaylords | Greasers united

Pee Wee Cragin Park Play Boys 1986

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Cragin Park PlayBoys

Almight PlayBoys

Almighty PlayBoys

Almight PlayBoys

PlayBoys Ventures Pulaski Park

Playboys Ventures Pulaski Park

Almighty PlayBoys

Almight PlayBoys

Polish Viking Playboys - a Reporter's Mistake

The reporter was told that we were the Playboys and that our rival gangs were the Ashland Vikings and the Haddon Boys and the kings Smolak was a polish guy with a very strong ascent and well known in our neighborhood by the cops that picked him up off Hoyne Avenue that day. He had been shot in the hip earlier that day and was still angry. He didn't let anyone know he was shot, I was the DC. That was in the article that’s why they call me DC. Smolak was a very strong character; he drank milk when the rest of us preferred beer or wine. The Playboys started in late 50's till 60's they were all kind of vanishing in the late 60's when we brought back the name. We first called ourselves the Coachmen, then we banded with the gang called the "13th district," they hung close to the 13th district police station on Wood Street .When we joined together we decided to be playboys again a few years later the Ventures had grew in size and we joined with them and the Pulaski Park guys to form the PVP's and later the Jousters and the TJO joined with us. One of the cards on your site that has Half Pint, Jr, and Zulu listed, those three guys were from the 13th district section and that was there card when they became Playboys. We have remained silent for years but life is getting shorter and some things need to be said. DC is growing older, something that Pete Smolak doesn't have to deal with as he will be young forever. I was also with Desi Conlon just before he was killed....Kong and Desi will always be on my mind till the day I die. Also all the others that were affected by this era ,Once again Kong was Polish we fought the Vikings and we are the Playboys.

Thanks DC

The Almighty Cragin Park Play Boys

The Playboys, or P.V.R, were part of the United Five Organization (UFO), which included: Gaylords, Playboys, C-Notes, and the Taylor Jousters. This alliance started in the early 1970's and lasted into the 1980's prior to the People/Folk Unities.

    The Playboys:

  • Winchester & Thomas (PVP's)
  • Division & Waller (PVR's)
  • Crystal & Long (PVR's)
  • Montrose & Octavia Park (PVR's)
  • Cragin Park Playboys
  • Ventures:

  • Hermitage & Wabansia
  • Pulaski Park:

  • Blackhawk Street & Noble
  • Rice Boys:

  • Rice & Pine
  • Menard & Thomas
  • Crystal & Pine
  • PVP Turf

  • So the PVP's were in the same area Of Divison Avenue to the south, North Avenue to the North Ashland to West and Damen to the east. Map of PVP Turf
  • Hangouts:

  • Austin Bowl
  • Thatcher Woods Trestle On 1st avenue south of North ave.
  • Enemies:

  • The PVR's were UFO and used to Fight with Popes of Independence Park and Latin Brothers.

Playboy patch from the 1970s

Playboys sweater patch