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Southside Insane Popes | Mike Lee Hamilton

South Side Insane Popes

By Mike Lee Hamilton retired leader of the South Side Insane Popes

Note: article are the opinions of Mike Lee Hamilton, of the South Side Insane Popes, and not the endorsed by the Stone Greasers website.

The Insane Popes began after the Gaylords and Royals. They were originally from Lawrence and Rockwell and were a mostly Greek Greaser gang, that had began as a reaction to the constant Latino gangs moving into the area. The Popes at first were just kids hanging out not doing anything that any other young men do, partying, going to dances with chicks, and the occasional fist fights broke out from time to time, but there was no killing going on.

The Popes had no name at first - "Just Greasers Without a Cause". Soon trouble began and the young greasers soon would find themselves in deeper and deeper street altercations with Latin Kings and other Latin gangs. Well our greaser ancestors soon saw that they were not doing so great in fighting these very big older organized Latin gangbangers, so the Simon City Royals stepped in and began to fight side by side with the greasers during pre-Popes times.

Soon some of these greasers decided to flirt with joining the Royals whom held there own territories very well and appeared to be very brave smart organized warriors. And just about all the greasers of Lawrence and Rockwell talked of joining the Simon City Royals. Well then just before this was about to take place the older greek males of the pre-Pope era said : "Listen my Greek and Italian brothers - lets make our own gang!! Our own family!" And the ideas of names were thought up day and night for several weeks. Well then someone came up with the Insane Popes with the orginal meanings of P-protect, O-our, P-people, E-eliminate, S-sp_cs (later to s-scum), the idea was a hit! The Insane Popes was taken like fish to water! They all loved it and their egos went up just as fast as there numbers! Who are the Popes was the new question? Suddenly the talk of the entire north side. Well, two very large more powerful white gangs got wind of it and stepped into the picture fast! Yes the Almighty Gaylords and the Simon City Royals, both very strong street gangs at the time. And both groups existed long before the Popes. Well the Gaylords and Simon City Royals at that time had little troubles as far as white greaser enemies. The Popes focus was the protection of their little territory at Lawrence and Rockwell, and keep out of any face to face problems with the two larger white street gangs.

Well the Royals for some unrightous reasons got into disputes with the Gaylords. And then the Royals at that time were very much used to winning anything they fought for and their mass of numbers and bold actions were a serious problem for most gangs except for one, and that gang was the Gaylords. The Gaylords out matched the Royals in those days even though the Royals grew in massive numbers, they were losing battles with the Gaylords time and again and again.

Well soon the Royals became very angry about their many lost gang fights with the Gaylords who in the words of one head, "They would pop up, hit us, and disappear!! They got some cop that was a Gaylord!! (Was one of the main things that seemed to concern Simon Citys angry Royals.)" They often thought that the Gaylords had police telling them the locations of the homes of Royals and it was believed due to the amount of hits that the accused Gaylords aledgedly did on Royals cool hot rods and vans. Seemed the Royals would pass by the Gaylords hood ,and the lords would plaster them with bricks rocks bolders and then run like hell! Many of the Royals were older than most of their Gaylord enemies, and it seemed like the older Gaylords were not stupid enough to be on the open corners to be shot or easily spotted. The Gaylords were very well trained and disciplined beyond that of most of the Royals. The Simon City Royal's numbers were still growing, but few street battles went their way.

The Royals called many peace meetings and sooner or later would never keep their promises and end up breaking the peace with the Gaylords, and would end up beating many young Gaylords with no mercy. There was even one story I heard that Royals and some Latin gang members called O-A Orquesta Albany had caught three lords and tied them up to a pole with rope and wire and beat these young men severly. Hatred got bigger between these two white gangs that created tension for all the City of Chicago's white greaser gangs. This separation began to be what haunted the greaser gangs for the years leading up to the end of the greaser era.

The north side Popes were the only Insane Popes in existance in those days. And they were really a bunch of fun guys that based there main rule on loving protecting each other and the word unity was used always pope unity. Well old Simon City didnt like the idea of another gang being next door to their hood and not with them . Also Gaylords on mistake hit the much younger unprepared Popes mistakeing them for Royals. So a meeting was held and the leaders of the Royals firmly put it to the Popes that they had 1 of 2 choices! Be with the Simon City Royals under their command, or be destroyed by both Royals and Gaylords. This is the part where all kinds of crying and bitching is going to start taking place by todays Royals and Popes), boo woo woo cry all you like the truths the truth.

So the Insane Popes not even in existence for very long had to become Simon City Royals. Simon (says) do we all recall the childhood game called Simon says?? Well Simon says Popes cannot be Popes they must say the word Royal before they use the word Pope! So there you have it: Simon says this! Simon says that!

Independence Park Insane Popes

Almight Insane Popes Independence Park

The Larkin Story, by Mike Hamilton:

Anyway right in and around this time perhaps slightly before the Royals Gaylord war escalated, there was a North Side Pope by the name of Larkin and his few buddies that were on the South Side of Chicago. One afternoon, they parked in a dangerous neigborhood and began to walk looking for an address,(reminding you its still day light on a sat or sunday afternoon.) Well I guess Larkin or one of his buddies had a relative living in the area around 47th and Laclaire or lacross. These La streets beginning with La Were run by a very well organized little gang called the l-.a"s. They were a white street gang that had 2 Puerto Rican members that were half Italian.

The LA gang was feared greatly by the Black and Hispanic gangs that bordered their turf. The projects called LaClaire Courts had a gang in those days called the Black Gents with a leader Sylvester S, who was their chief: A brave but foolish Black man with fists of fury and the IQ of a hand ball!! Also the Two-Six was beginning to become a gang ( orginally a team softball and football, there leader of there team was killed in a very sad vicious killing by several nasty latin kings). This formed to what would one day become the very most notorious vicious latino street gang in history of Chicago. The Two- Six boys became the fastest growing gang in the history of street gangs in Chicago history!

There leaders were all sons of the real Mexican Mafia. They meant business and they killed like it was sport. The Latin Kings that killed their once softball team captain were all three themselves viciously and brutally shot and stabbed to death in a display that has not been equaled in its visual site ever again. Two Six swept through the Ktown streets with a motto: "Be a Two Six or be killed simple!" They killed killed and killed. To hell with fist fighting , kill em all with the trigger is the way they lived. Seemingly fearless they held a motto that was once said by Fidel Castros body guard: "Respect doesn't come from talks of peace or of allied groups, it comes from the barrel of a gun!" Two six ah my heart recalls them all to well.

Two-Six, "Ah my heart recalls them all to well," said Mike Hamilton!

Being born at 26th Street and Kolin, I was an unfortunate member of their evil killing gang of murderers. At age 13 -16 I was stuck in their hands and took orders. Long story for another day ,but I became a Pope at 16 or almost 17, but had two blood brothers of mine, Russell and Kidd Christopher that were already Insane Popes (due to divorced parents my brothers and I grew up in two different areas).

Back to Larkin's story, Larkin found his destination address that day and upon returning to his car, he noticed as one of his boys pointed out, these dudes standing around it.

Back to Larkin's story, Larkin found his destination address that day and upon returning to his car, he noticed as one of his boys pointed out, these dudes standing around it. Theres only two of them, but they're walking on the hood and trying to f_ck with it! Larry said well lets slowly go out there and just follow my lead let me do the talking. "Hey whats up guys?? Is there a problem with my car," Larkin said. "No asshole," one young LA yelled out, "the cars fine, your the problem!" "Ok, whats the beef you have with me little guy," asked larkin? "The beef with you is this boom," said the LA kid. Then about 10-12 LA's popped out of every gangway and said, "Hey greaser! Are you a Mad Lad?" Larkin said, "A what? What the f_cks a Mad Lad?" They all laughed and Larry Larkin when he said he was a Royle Insane pope from lawrance and Rockwell, and that he wasn't a Mad Lad!

"So what the hell ya doing here pope? What's your business here mutha fuxxxxer," said the LA kid? "Hey relax," Larkin uttered, "and check it out dudes, I'm not one to fight other white boys but if you wish to be men of respect and honor then fight me one on one, one at a time. I mean you men all know you won this easily if you attack me and my partners now. But when you go home at night laying in your bed thinking about the way you killed us, will you feel good about what you did by cowardly jumping us with this many white greasers??" "Ok," said big Pete and Donnie of the L.A's, "I'm First! No one jumps in gott it!"L.A's yelled, "Alright Pete, kick this Popes fuxxxen ass," and they all walked to the back dirt unpaved alley and the circle formed and the fight began.

Well Pete gave it his all, but Larkin was faster and hit Pete in his nose and blinded his sight from the impact and the blood. Larkin quickly and most swiftly took Pete to the ground and choked him with a Marine chock hold that renderd Pete unconscious. The tempers flared as it was now sun set and the taunting got worse with lots name calling, and the pussie Pope ain't sh_t, what the fuxxcks a Pope anyway? Then Donnie was next, "You ready - Pope," Donnies asked? "Yeah mutha fuxxxer - I'm ready! Come on with it L.A," said Larkin! Both rushed at each other with a scream of hate warrior type screaming grunts ! The men quickly went to the ground and the ground fighting was brutal! A few eye pokes and short punches then the rolling as men were yelling, "Kill that fuxxxen Pope!" All along Larkins men also rooting for their leader , then a sudden sizzer leg lock put Donnie in agoney and he gave up! Larkin crawled to his feet as he was filthy in dirt as blood ran from his left eyebrow, "Ok you LA greasers! Who the fuxxs next?" "Me," said Bobby G. "Me, thats who punk! And I'm going to kill you with my bare hands! Honorably of course," he yelled as everyone laughed larkins men begged to fight in his place and Larkin refused. He gave his word and he now stood erect ready for the third fight! "Hey white boys," yelled Larkin, "before I kick the living shit out of everyone of you greasers, I want you to know what Popes stands for!" They said, "Fuxxxxck you as_hole shut the fuxxxck up and fight!!" "Ok baby get some," yelled Bobby G, who by the way was 6'4" 260 lbs! He rushed at Larkin and Larkin was tackled to the dirt alley. Bobby began to beat him badly but man Larkin managed some way to slide out of the ground hold he was put in and get Bobby G tired out as Larkin easily used the exact same chock hold to knock big bad Bobby G out! And Bobby, at that time, never had ever lost a fight in his life!

Now Larkin's boys helped him to his feet, and he said "Back off! Were not done here!" LA was shocked at the bravery of young Larkin! "Anyone else", Larkin utterd? "Yeah me," said big bad John D. 6' 6", 270 lbs. of all muscle, with shoulders wide as a door way .Trust me, big John was one hell of a sight to behold!! "Oh sh_t," said one of Larkins boys. Now you must all reading this try to vision all I write here especially note that Larkins fought 3 very tuff strong greasers already and now standing before the Pope leader was the badest of the bad - a fighting machine that had strength like no one ive ever met to this day.John was the exact look alike to pro foot ball star Howie Long! Except John looked meaner!! Larkin bravely got into his fighting stance and the LA's were all chanting: "Kill em John! Ripp his head off john!!" As Larkin and his greasers knew for certain it was not going to end the way they had hoped, and Larkin later said, "Where the f did that f'n monster come from ? He wasn't there in the beginning, or I would of never opend my mouth! Lol!" "Hey! Royal," utterd big John. "I'm not a Royal", said Larkin, "I'm a Pope!! Get it right! It's the least you can do before you kill me another LA! I am an Insane Pope - protect our people eliminate a_sholes!! And you white guys are a bunch of low life a_sholes! So yes I am ready big fella! Come on! I'm going to hurt you! Thats all I care about big John or whatever you f_cken name is! I am going to hurt you motha f_cka so bad before I get killed by you as so you never wish to fight a pope ever again!!" "Oh," John said standing straight up hands on his hips said, "You hurt me?? Why?" Listen you giant inbred sack of hillbilly sh_t! After this fight you'll feel pain from this day on every single time you hear the word Popes," said Larkin. "That's your goal? Pope," I asked you, "Is that your goal Poper?? Answer me! Is that your goal Pope?" "Yes man that's all I live for right here right f_cken now!! Pope love Pope love Pope Pope Pope hear me, see my f_cken blood muther f_ckers it's all I am, all I got!! Kill me big man! Lets see if I die afraid! Kill me greasers! Kill another white man!! You ready - L.a?" Silence was the only sound so silent all that could be heard was the mild cool breeze that blew across Larkins deeply wounded face. "Ah hell someone say something," said big John! "Well what the hell's your name anyway Pope," asked big John?

"Larkin said, "Man - my names Larkin. I'm the true only leader of the Insane Popes ,my brothers my family."

Insane South Side by Mike Lee Hamilton

"Well hey my names John and I'm no enemy of a greaser like you Larkin, I could tare you apart easily ,but i cannot do that to you man. You wiped the dog sh_t azz and water outa 3 of my best guys!! Hey!! Tell me whats this fight for," said John? "Dont know," Larkin said, "Don't know." "Were all greasers white men should stand together, don't ya think pope," said John? "Yeah man, yes I do," suddenly larkin fell to the ground as his wounds and exhaustion fell upon his body. Big john tried to help him up and the Popes with Larkin did as well. Then john said, "Hey Larkin, tell me what this Popes gang stands for again?" And larry larkin Morris told them all about the Popes and they partied toether the rest of the night and said good bye promising that the L.A. gang of the L.A. streets would visit the Pope hood the following weekend. Big john and the LA's kept their promise and the lA's soon decided to hang with the Popes and they visited each others territories regularly. One day soon Big John said, "Larkin we want to drop the LA name all become Insane Popes!" Larkin and his Pope family were over joyed for with these new members they could now become stronger maybe even one day stronger that so the Simon (says) bullies couldn't dictate to the Popes on what they could and could not do! There was only one request that Big John made to Larkin's Popes, before becoming Popes. Big John said, "Larkin I know your Pope colors are black and blue. The L.A. colors are white and black. The black and white colors mean this to us. White means purity and the color black represents the planet earth. So together they mean purity upon thee earth. Can we please keep our black and white colors?" Larkin according to those older that told me, got teary eyed and said, "Big John, your asking me? Big and bad as you are your asking me if you can keep your same colors and make them the Insane Popes South Side chapters colors?" John replyed, "Yes sir! May we?" And larken said, "Hell yeah!! Why do you ask in such a way like this john?" Big john said, "Because you my new brother and are my leader! Your the Pope of Popes! Your the dicision maker and always! Remember your family is my family and your enemies are my enemies!!"

The north side insane popes now had a new huge chapter, a chapter of South Side Stone Greasers now also Insane Popes!!! Sick of Latin Kings Two-six Satan and Maniac Disiples, Black Gents and Gangsta Disciples! A huge bunch of greasers now under the North Sides control and command! The Popes on the South Side grew to become even more larger in numbers than the North. In fact, the South Side Popes were the only white gang left that remained against Folks and People and destroying the Gage Park Mad Lads the White Knights and Cobras. All whites became insane popes. Except a really neat bunch of guys called the Taylor Street Jousters! Another story for another time. So you see there is a conection! The popes of the North created the South by thee mighty fists of Larkins fury! Popes forever!

Mike Lee Hamilton's Dedication Prayer For Larkin

Larkin! Can you hear me my leader?
I am older now, but I cry your name right 
here and right now !!
We tried my leader! We fought the good fight 
every minute of every day!
Right now the band named triumph is playing on 
my radio and I feel like it's my leader's song!

Fight the good fight every minute of everyday!
Make it worth the price we pay!
Larkin! Larkin! Larkin!

Your my leader in our world of street politics,
 and of hoods that were countries to us.

Larkin you are remembered...
Larkin I'm still your soldier.
larkin your still my hero!!

By, michael lee hamilton aka lord Conan, 
Kool City Insane
        Popes(no loner active)
Last of the Greasers.

In loveing memory of Larry Morris aka Larkin 
R-Insane Popes Nation!

Last of the greasers!

ps: Larkin if you can hear me some how I needed to tell your soul that you can be proud of all the South and North Side Popes. We fought the best we could to stop the new age People/Folks street gang ways. We lost, but some of us are still alive. Last time I saw Big John he said he loves you, we all love you. I was told Big Johns in the military for life and is alive and well fighting in iraq; fighting for what he believes in: Freedom!!

Cry freedom brave heart cry freedom...

I know Larkin feels as I do: We forgive the Gaylord that took his life that sad night. We hold no bad feelings against any Gaylord. The painful things in life teach us the most and Larkins death was the result of many lessons in life and appreciations for all of us that are still here. To allow our heros and leaders to live forever in our memories in this world we all must die.

Not everyone lives, truely lives, standing boldly up in war for what they believe in, but greasers that read these words, hold your head high, for I'm your brother and I love you all. No white greaser is my enemy Gaylords, C-notes Freaks Jousters even ? Well- some of the Royals, na I take that Royal part back! Your a bunch of none greasers!! Lol!! F you Simon (says!!) city Royals!! Lol!!

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Mike Lee Hamilton's Personal History With His Crew

(Dedicated to Jack J):

I am going to begin with history. I have been in contact with another Pope from long ago. He was a soldier during the time of my leadership. A long time ago we had formed a council of 7 men. Then we voted in laws. In those days we had 52 laws. The 52nd law was suggested by a young man named Jack K. (ski). He asked for a new law to be entered into our organization. He said no Insane Pope should be allowed to kill himself (or herself). There were 13 lady Insane Popes. Anyway, when Jack suggested this idea of no suicide, we all laughed at the ridiculous idea (or so we thought at the time.) Jack was serious and went on to say that one never knows it might actually stop a young, confused, heart broken guy live through hard times and come to us for help and advice and not kill himself. Most of us still chuckled at this idea. It was brought up at a meeting and almost everyone raised their hand and seconded by agreement the new law, no self killing suicide of any Insane pope is allowed. I voted against the law with only 4 other men, all the rest of the Popes from all 5 neighborhoods on the south side agreed with the law

Midget Popes Kolmar Park

Midget Popes Kolmar Park

On the south side there were a lot of Polish Insane Popes. True, most were pasta eating dagos and drunken, fist fighting Irish, a few English, Scottish, Germans, Greeks. My younger brother Christopher (thee Kidd) named after Billy The Kidd due to my brother's very fast to pull the trigger way of life. Few Popes were shooters. Most were fist fighters and baseball bat gladiator types. A few were nerds who were bullied that we took under our wings and like I said only a few killers. Kidd was one of the deadly young men not only as far as Popes go but as far as anything goes. We have an unwritten law -we have many unwritten laws- but please take special note that I drilled it into my boys - there's never one on one. We fight only each other fair one on one. But again the rule is any Pope that fights outside the Popes never fights alone.

Jefferson Park Insane Popes

Almight Insane Popes Jefferson Park

So Jack was only here in America for 5 years. The 52nd law of our Insane Pope family was broken by its maker. Jack took a 38 pistol early one morning while it was still dark outside and he walked up on top of the EL train bridge where he sat down crying and he shot himself in his heart at point blank. To this day the law of Popes is to make the Jack J on their chest when they pass this bridge. Jack, I miss you and this letter is in loving memory to you.


Jack J

Here is the entire story as told by Michael Lee Hamilton

The very first month Jack arrived in Chicago he was in a dispute with some 30 year old Polish hillbilly type from the country land areas outside of Warsaw, Poland. Well, three older, larger, very brutal Polish men were in the process of beating the sh_t out of little Jack, who was 13 or 14 years old and spoke zero english.

On this early evening in the summer humidity, Kidd (my brother) witnessed the beating of young polish kid named Jack and it mad him furious. So he yelled "Hey you azzholes, leave the lil boy alone!!" They responded by telling him to go f#_k himself. Then they began to yell in Polish 'hutch too tay whoo yoo (come over here your f#_ckin penis.) My brother was chased by the three men just a few yards until he turned the corner and bolted out of their site. I recall it like it yesterday! Kidd (my bro) then walked into the bowling alley where we were all hanging out. As soon as I saw the fury in his eyes, I stood up and everyone (a large group of at least 12-13 males and 5 or 6 girls) felt the tension and stopped everything they were doing.

"What's wrong Kidd," I asked? He said "I wish to the good Lord or to the devil I had my freddy with me Conan (my nick name)." I said, "Why? What the f#_k's going on ??" Michael said, "These giant Polish drunken azzholes are across the street on the outside of the game room (pinball arcade) beating on this lil defenseless Polock (no disrespect intended here just re-enacting truth.)" "Oh yeah? Is it our business," asked Ron (aka Pegleg)? I said, "It's in our hood and the first letter in popes stands for what gentlemen?" "Protect!!! Conan", they began yelling. I yelled louder, "what? What does it mean!!??" "Protect!!!" "I still cannot hear you mutha fuxxers, do you believe in what you are, or is this Walt f#_ken Disney or Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory!??" The men got extremely motivated and off we went.

When we got to the scene there was this lil Polish boy laying on his side rolling back and forth in agony covered in blood. He made sounds of agony that I've heard all too many times in my youth. I recall so well cause he was begging in Polish for them to please not kill him and crying out to the Lord God for help. Please know I'm not Polish, nor do I understand much Polish, however anyone that reads this that's heard agony can be proof that begging, crying and pain sounds pretty much the same in any language! He began to crawl just as I got my 260 lb, 6 foot, steroid abusing, extremely powerful body came around the corner. "Hey azzholes!!! What the hell do you men think you're doing beating this boy like this?" "You mind business," they answered in broken english with a deep Polish accent. One of the bullies yelled out, "Or I beat you with him! He did Polish man wrong. He steal from car." "I understand, but you men went too far, you're going to kill him!" "Yes! Maybe kill, but you die too with Polish boy. Now you go away or you next!" "Oh??" Suddenly laughter among my crew broke out. And I said, "Ok, fight me Polock!!!!" I hate to hurt white people but hell, there's no shortage of azzholes in any race! "Ok I beat you!" And the large Polish guy charged me. A swift partial side step and a direct hit to the under side of his open ribs, just missing his kidney was all it took - blamo! Crack! And breathless gasping noise is the only sound suddenly heard! The other 2 Polish men got into fighting stances and said something in Polish we didn't understand. My polish Lt. Chester B. said "Michael you fight one on one, then if you beat him then you fight his other friend one on one." We have a unwritten law - we have many unwritten laws - but please take special note that I drilled it into my boys - there's never one on one. We fight only each other fair one on one, so everyone of my guys knew this is going to be Mike Hamilton's special delightful acting once again. I told Chester, "Tell them I agree." Their biggest pal still was on the ground where he was vomiting from the punch but more so from his being too drunk! Anyway, we both got ready to fight one on one and my men know exactly what's going to happen any second and they also got very good at playing along (day dreamer special is what we used to call it but these fake acts had many names.) But again the rule is any Pope that fights outside the Popes never fights alone, unless he is the winner from beginning to finish but hell, most of the time, ah well.... So as the Polish guy rushed me I kicked his shins again and again and again. He yelled in pain and fell. I said, "Get up" and when he got up I gave the hand signal and everyone came in like vicious lions and hyenas from all directions. The man I kicked in the shins was knocked to the ground and so was the third Polish guy. Both were beaten badly. Then I said "stop- drag them ! Move! Do it now men! Drag the 3 of these retards -put them all on the ground in front of me - Kidd?? Where's my brother?" "Conan, I'm right here behind you like always big brother!" "Oh, yes of course. Listen kidd, wheres the Polish boy they were beating on? "He is there - look!!" He was on top of the mens car that had been beating him viciously. Once he saw we were looking he then jumped up and down on there car roof crushing in the roof as much as his weak bloody little body could! "Tank yo, tanka yoo, tank tanks tank a you! Yuo be fight by jack?? You be fight by jack!? I lov you you you yo yo yo," he cried as he pointed at all my mens faces. "Chester calm this crazy Polish boy down will you please?" "Yes, ok Conan." Chester ( high ranking Polish Pope ) talked to the boy as he still jumped on there car and the boy told chester, "Conan - this boy said he loves you and your friends. He wants to fight for you and be with you and he is ah ah? Well? Chester?" "What else?" Michael, "Ah conan ah?" "God dam it - Chester - tell me what he said!!" He said, "His older brother died in Poland and you were sent by his brother, and God to protect him. He thinks you saved his life! And his dream and destiny is to protect you til the day he dies. And he will die for you." "Huh?? Oh boy, Chester tell the lad that its not that serious its ok he owes us nothing. Get his azz off the car and lets take him to Saint Anthony Hospital." So first the boy walked to each man that had hurt him and spit on them and then kicked each one once. Chester told all 3 jerks in Polish that the man you saw the big one, he is a killer, and that he kills everyday for a living dont try to come back after him or he will kill your family. He has friends in all places high and low, criminals and police. Your lucky he let go alive, then he took all three drivers license of these fools and they told Chester to tell me to forgive them they dont wish to die. Of course evrything Chester said was an out right lie! But hell they didnt know that ,lol!! Gang banging isn't always how tuff or bad you are its often illusion of bad, like a card game. Gee, I guess its like I used to jokingly sing to my boys in my horrible voice(probably the singing caused more casualties in the Popes than the gangs we fought against! Lol! "You gotta know when to hold em;know when to fold em;know when to walk away and know when to run!!"

Sal from the Latin Counts always said, "Michael, never underestimate anyone. Listen to all of these words, 'never underestimate anyone.'" This is the the main thing that kept me alive. I am a very strong well built man, and trust me the bigger you are the kinder you better be, cause my brothers here me loud and clear - again I say the bigger you are the sooner enemies will use a gun! Anyway in the days that followed Jack also followed! He came with us evrywhere. We had a law that you couldn't become a Pope unless you hung out for 6-12 months depending on the votes. I'm sad and glad to say that the Popes under me in that era were the most militant white street gang in my time. And out of all the many years of the North and South Side Popes, my men were the most well trained militant group of popes in the history of the Popes.

Anyway back to the 52 laws: time went by and Jack passed the tests and he was a member and a dam good one. I taught him that its wrong, as all Popes knew, to steal from house or cars or garages in these boundries, and I let him tag along on the rail road missions. These missions were to (alledgedly) (dont ya just love that word!! Alledgedly) to rip off the piggie back trailors coming through the hood. We had one hell of a bunch of modern day Lessie James gang rail road thiefs. It became an art to my men, and they seemed to do it for the adventure even more so than for the money. Hell, these boys were like monkeys and cats climbing all over the double stacked containers and piggie backs! Jack became one of the very best of all time. Once he bet almost the entire Oakley Popes and Archer Park Popes that he could hang and jump from the el train orange line bridge and get up and walk away !! I yelled and pleaded with this nut Jack not to do it but the boys with there mouths talking sh_t , especially when little Ricky (aka sting due to him looking like a twin to the lead singer of the band called the police) (Opps - hate that word police!! Dont you? Lol!) called him a coward. So Jack walked up there and out to the edge on the edge then hung there and I then realized he's doing it no matter what, and its best to let him hear his leader rooting positively for him instead of yelling negative sh_t like glum from the cartoon "Gulivers travels"! So I changed my tempo and said, "Jack yield as you drop let go and use yourself to go with the impact!! You can do this easily jack!!" I (lied) by saying, "The school is higher than this you jumped off! This is easy my brother! Do it for me jack !! Walk after you fall! Become water baby boy!" Yells from everyone motivated crazy jack!! He suddenly silenced everyone as he screamed in his Polish accent "Popes forever!! Mike Hamilton" Mike Hamilton - I am brother Mike Hamilton! I am brother Mike Hamilton! Pope love muthafxxxxszoooooooooooooommmmmmmm" - blamo!! Thud! He did it! He fuxxen let go! Jesus in heaven the boys out of his mind!! A few Popes ran towards him and I yelled, "Freeze! Don't go near him! Stay put!" I walked over towards him and his body layed there perfectly still. "Jack? Hey,,,jack?" I got closer and closer and it didn't look good. "Jack ol boy you ok?" Now as I stood over his lifeless body I began to feel numb. What foolish sh_t games do we play all the time. "Jack - dammit - are you ok? Can you hear me," I said, You men stay f#_ken put! Do not walk over here!!" Suddenly he moved! And then he rolled over and pale ass a ghost said, "I am Jack brother of Mike Hamilton!" "You stupid fuxxen idiot Polish crazy lunatic!!" I was about to reach to help him up and he said, No!! I win bet. If you never touch help me. Not need help not little boy no more - Conan!" And as all of us looked on the the little boy, he became a man as he actually rose to his Feet and dragged his left leg as he walked over to the crew and said in a war like scream, "I am a Insane Pope - Real Pope!! Not coward Pope! I like my brother! You never disrespect me Jack Insane Pope! I'm courage!! I'm brave!! Now you pay my money mutha fuxxers!!! I win bet I win bet!! I jack win! I'm real Pope! No more fear better than all of you!" I'm Mike Hamilton's brother!" Later that year is when jack brought up the law he wanted to be passed by the Popes: no Insane Pope on the South Side or any side of this city is to commit suicide. He argued about this law every day for a week, and to my surprize it was brought up at a meeting and almost everyone raised there hand and seconded it by agreement. The new law no self killing suicide of any Insane Pope is allowed. I voted against the law with only 4 other men. All the rest of the Popes from all 5 neighborhoods on the South Side agreed with the law, and when it became law I stated, "I know that if one of you jokers brakes this law its one that you will seemingly avoid getting a violation for!!"

Independence Park Popes

Insane Popes Independence Park

"The meetings over boys!! You can all light your cancer sticks now and there's a surprise tonight. Hey Dinero!! Lil wizard!" "Yes sir? What up conan?" Here's the key to the van. Get the 4 kegsof beer and bust out the weed for everyone, its party time!! Six months later Jack was caught stealing from the railroad. Stings family got him out on house arrest in there home due to Jacks family tossing him out years before. He had no one but Popes. We were his life. Sting told me over the phone that Jack been cryin in his room at night and not eating much. That his girlfriend Annie was due to have a baby and she broke it off with Jack and may have of put doubt in Jack that the child in her womb may or may not be his. So the next day I stopped by stings house to visit Jack. He seemed depressed but nothing like Sting said he was. We all stayed for a while and watched running man with Arnold. We ate, drank, laughed, and after the movie we all headed out the door. I heard Jack say, "Hey Mike Wait!" I looked back and stepped back into the doorway. "Yeah what's up Jack," I asked. He said, "Do ya gotta go so soon?" "Yeah Jack my brother, unfortunately I do, why?" Cause Mike I never see much of you lately there's no one to talk to. Sting and his brother Jimmy(aka Useless) are out all day and night." "Well I'll tell ya what Jack, I propmise I'll be back tomorrow and we will hang all day, ok?" "Ok Mike! Hey mike?" "Yes jack?" "You and me are brothers now right?" "Yes of course Jack! Why?" "I just asked - that's all," in his deep Polish accent. I sensed he was deeply troubled just like Sting had told me the night before. The next day right about noon I got dropped off on the corner near Curie High School. I could of got a ride all the way to Stings who lived behind Curie in the little hood there, but I liked to walk past the school and let all the Black and Spanish gangs, standing outside the doors of Curie, see me and my huge arms and fearce look. I had a big ego and I knew they were terrified of me and it helped to remind the Black and Spanish gangs that its not wise to mess with any younger weaker Popes. Because trust me if you saw me even today i'm not a man anyone would try there luck fighting unless it were for a very dam good reason. But on this day after I starred down the eyes of all our enemies that attended school there and saw them all look away in fear, I suddenly noticed that there were more Insane Popes standing under the el train bridge than i'd ever seen in my life. There were older retired members and Popes from Boys Park Mickinly park(later we lost that park and lost many young Popes fighting for it but that story for another day) Popes from Archer Vitum, 63rd Oak Park, 83rd Street, and even 1 from the North Side (Crazy Eddie). I thought there must be a fierce racial riot about to take place as everyone in chicago know's that Curie High was the most racial war zone school surpassing any other high school in chicago and even in the entire USA. Look it up if you doubt it), but as I drew near I saw the guys all had this lost look in their faces - pale and tears falling. Danny OC was still alive then so was Boo Boo (aka Larry Price) both passed away many years later. I then asked, "Hey to Dan (aka Jaws due his looking exactly like jaws from James Bond movie Gold Finger) Jaws whats going on? Hey I'm talking to you man! Hey someone tell me what the hell's going on !!" "Michael" said Jaws, "Jacks dead!" "What? Get the f outa here! He is not!" Yes, Michael, he is one!" "Don't ever say that jaws!" I became confused and punched poor Jaws and he fell to the ground. "Someone tell me the fuxxen truth!" Then Sting walked up to me and said: "Michael - Jack took my 38 pistol early this morning while it was still dark outside and he walked up on top of this bridge above us, where he sat down crying and he shot himself in his heart at point blank. And our brother Jacks dead. Michael, please help me cause im losing my mind!" And Sting, one of the strongest smartest srteet fighters I know fell almost blacking out. I caught him and pulled him to his feet. Stings face trembled as tears fell seemingly forever. Then all the men seeing this realized its alright to cry, they all gathered together and we all cried, a few yelled: "Lets attack the Latin kings by the west doors of Curie! Lets attack the Vice Lords - kill any Black we see!" I yelled, "There will be no wars to day!" The Latin kings nor Vice Lords did nothing to Jack. We in th"e days to come buried Jack the ripper K. I put my personal Insane Pope sweater in with his body and a hand made emblem made by a girlfriend Annie years earlier. The 52 law of our Insane Pope family was broken by its maker. To this day the law of Popes is to makes the Jack j on there chest when they pass this bridge Jack I miss you and this letters in loveing memory to you and all we shared. Yes my Polish brother we are brothers and always will be.I will be joining you again one day and in the words of ancient gladiators I'll see you again soon but not yet not yet!! Michael Lee Hamilton (aka lord Conan of the Insane Popes retired.)