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Wicker Park Warlords

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In 1979, we took two pictures by the south east wall of Clemente. The photographer was supposed to take a picture of the gym wall where the vice president "Nota " wrote in 7 ft. Letters "La Familia Warlords!? I'm wearing an orange & black sweater - my titled was "Lord Eggie" president La Familia Warlords -Spaulding Warlords & Clemente Warlords - vice president of Bucktown Warlords - the guy with the hat is Lil.Rican -kneeling is Damian ?Maho - Mr.Toker -vice president Nota - holding the flag in a party sweater is war council "tic" -next to my brother is nelson .he was chief of the Anderson Warlords before he came to Clemente. His brother was president of the Bucktown Warlords ( Webster & Seeley) his name was Lord Chico. I made him box me before he was given that title. Next to Nelson is " Curley ( Lil. Rican's brother). He turned Latin Lover . My brother Tic became the war council for Hooterville Unknowns . Right after these picture were taken, two Spanish cobras named Magilla and Marty showed up. Magilla grew up on Hoyne and Potomac - he was big! Marty was a weasel, when Beach & Spaulding joined the United Neighborhoods, Marty was going to be the sacrifice. We invited them to take pictures .I joined the marines a couple of months after this.

A week after this photo was taken. The Spanish Lords and the Latino Stylers had a territorial dispute. Lord Flaco leader of the pee wee Spanish lords in formed me that the Stylers were moving into North Ave. between Clairmont and Bell. This is the buffer zone between the Lords. There was going to be a meeting at the Spanish Lord court yard at 5:00 pm. He asked as United Neighborhoods "were we going to be there?" I didn't have to answer since Kiki from the YBO ( Yates Boys ) and the Clemente Warlords yelled "hell yeah ! We'll be there !? As I was leaving Clemente, I met up with my war council under the link. I told him to get La Familia and walk toward the courtyard and I will take Bucktown and Clemente with me by way of Western. The Stylers were going to be at the courtyard at 5:30 with their backup. My brother looked at me confused and said, "don't you know who 's backing up the Stylers?? I said ,"I don't care ! We are United Neighborhoods.? He said , "Coolies family is backing them up!" Coolies family controlled Damen & Potomac, and they were also opening up Damen & Crystal. This was the basement bar controlled by the " seniors- teach - Weso - Tito ( my cousin - Moonhead- Ishmael - Manolo - Ziggy 1 -Javier ( Cura ) - Wally - Delon . We would also have to fight "Ccrook " who controlled Camen & Evergreen.

My brother being "consejero" wanted control of all my sections to fight with Damen & Evergreen against the Spanish lords. I told him we were backing up the Spanish Lords against anyone. Yhe Yates Boys and Ghetto Boys, the Leavitt and Schiller & K-Town Unknowns, Moose School Boys, and the group were heading to the court yard. The Latino Stylers, and Damen & Potomac didn't show up . Damen & Evergreen stayed out of it because the seniors backed me up. The Latino Stylers run by Sammy moved out of Wicker park and turned Folk.

Old school verses Today

I left for the marines in the spring of 79, when I came back from boot camp in the summer, I noticed upside down pitch forks on one side and a cross on the other. I didn't have time to ask since I was heading to Fort Sill for fire direction control school. I had to get La Familia Warlords together and head to the school yard for a meeting with Damen & Evergreen. Before I left for bootcamp, I was at Wicker Park, by the fountain, and we were bricking pierce for the attempted rape of a "Warlett". Some sections were by the old folks home on Schiller by the alley. After we were done, I became stranded on Damen. I lived on Spaulding and could no longer where my sweater over my arm and simply walk west on Division to Spaulding. I gave my war sweater to a Warlett named Maria, she was my brother?s lady. The next day I found out that she had a boyfriend named Lil Ray who was a Crown from Wabansia. He said the sweater belonged to him now, i went to Wabansia and told the Crowns they had until night to give me my sweater or I will destroy Wabansia. That night, I walked by myself to Wabansia to get my sweater back and they told me they took it to Damen and Evergreen. Crook the chief of the Capital, received the sweater. I went to Damen and saw Crook. I asked for the sweater, but he said it belonged to him now. He had d&e and d&p with him, so I said give it up or I will see you after bootcamp. (I could not risk getting a record).

When I came back in 82, the United Neighborhoods had become majority People . Instead of the streets calling the shots, the criminals in prison were calling the shots! The laws in those made going to prison a violation unless it was for nation business. This is why no one takes care of a brother in prison .any member who stole in United Neighborhoods territory faced pain, but now every house was up for grabs. Selling drugs was something you hid because you did not want your mother to see it. Now your mother walked with it for you and carried your gun. How could this have happened in the three years I was surviving my country in the marines? Marijuana disappeared in 83, but something else took its place. ( cocaine). This magical drug did something the police could not. It destroyed all the alliances and created zombies willing to kill for a hit of that powder. This drug created the fault zone that would bring the Warlords of Wicker Park down. The Warlords were all under West Town in those days. I named them Wicker Park after I took all the sections except division and Hoyne. That was under the control of Capone?s family . He was a disciple whose chief brought in around 79. He was a coward like his brother Elvis, who is responsible for Edwards death by the Vice Lords in 93.

I left for boot camp in April, 1979. When I came back from boot camp, the first thing I did was make phone calls for the members to meet at Wicker Park school yard .the seniors were waiting for me, so I could stand trial for losing my sweater .at the trial, I reminded the seniors about the attempted rape of a Warlett named "Gladys". I reminded them that we could no longer wear our sweaters over our left arm and walk. I gave the sweater to a Warlett. I didn't know that she was dating a Crown! Maria was found liable for the sweater. I was still alone in the schoolyard when Lord Crook D&E arrived with Lefty, Ishmael. Zemar (Batman), Flabio (Indio) with his brother. At the other end came Chief (Billy), and Lord Edgar with D&P. Though Lord Crook and Chief weren't the best of friends since both wanted to be in charge. They shook each others hands with a shake like they haven?t seen each other in years! The seniors told Crook to give it back, but he sad no. The seniors told me I could fight Crook, but after the fight ?I would get a violation for fighting a Warlord". Lord Crook and I started to walk towards the grass, he kept saying "you're not getting it back." Billy and Edgar kept building his confidence. There were Lords from their side who wanted to take his place! Finally my side started to arrive. The unknowns stayed in the cars along Evergreen, while the Spanish Lords stayed along the alley .the YBO-GBO rode bikes .now the attitudes changed .Crook and I walked into the grass area and a wall was formed along the fence .no one could get in or out. We took our stands and I told Crook to swing. He swung towards my face and I could see the high school rings he always wore to fights. I moved my face and punched him square in the face! After three months of marine corps boot camp, this guy seemed to be in slow motion. He said, "you might kick my ass, but the sweater is mine!" I picked him up and body slammed him face down into the soil, jumped on his back and said, "if you want the sweater you will have to pay for it!" .I started to pound the back of his head until his face was buried in the dirt! I stood up to see the Warletts cheering, but the Lords were not. I was supposed to lose. This way La Familia would be dissolved, now I could be Chief of Damen and Evergreen. We went to Wicker Park, by the fountain and I bought beer for the seniors, and smoke for everyone else. I had to make them forget my violation, I was tired from the fight! Crook, Billy, Edgar, and the rest came into Wicker Park and they sent Lefty to tell me to leave the park. I told the errand boy that we are Warlords and this is Warlord hood. After almost a $100.00 spent, I went without the violation to Fort Sill Oklahoma, while Crook was still there for his violation when they sobered up. The laws are the laws!!!!!

When I came home in 02-82, I had $5,000.00 that I saved .I was going to make the Warlords powerful! I made contact with my cousin Ray, who?s father had a barber shop on North Avenue - between Campbell and Maplewood. He introduced me to Dolphin on Campbell. They weren't folks, but sold to them. I bought a quarter pound and headed for Hoyne and Potomac to my cousin Curas house to bag it up. After the third recop, the 1/4 pound became seedy. I took it back to Campbell to Dolphin?s house and said take the seeds, and give me smoke! I'll be back in one hour. I went to the barbershop and informed Ray that in one hour I was going to burn down Dolphins house if he didn't correct his mistake. My cousin said that was Folk hood and I was people. I told him I'm La Familia, not Westtown. Dolphin fixed it up, but lost a customer. Another cousin tried to become middle man, this rat is named ?Danny " He was a undercover Warlord lover, but stayed by Ray for protection. Danny sold me a 1/4 already bagged up into dimes. I took it to Wicker Park and got rid of it. The next day the people came back arguing about size and seeds! I went to the barber shop and found Danny by Ray, and asked what the problem was. He said you have to give them everything or lose money. I told him to replace what he stole or I will pay myself. Danny lived in the second floor of my fathers two flat, I climbed up the walls and into his window. I went into his room and stole $300.00 in cocaine. Then I let him know I took it as payment. The barbershop on North Avenue was being monitored for a year by the government. They had a video camera where chicken unlimited was. In 1983-84 the green disappeared and the white said hello. This changed Chicago. The laws did not allow for the members to use, but it could be sold. Even touching the stuff would give the guys a high. The Warlords used the train system to deliver with police protection. They also had radios and teens on bikes monitoring all inbound streets. The money was incredible until someone introduced free base. This evil gave wives to dealers for a hit, took rent money, and created the evil of "ebk " chief Billy and Lord Edgar along with Zemar, Flabio ,and some tramps from New York called the new Yorkers were smoking rocks when one of the tramps said " she wanted to see someone die "instead of killing her sister, they drove to Rockwell and kidnapped a junkie father who just arrived from the island, he was selling dope when they grabbed him. He begged for his life and stated he wasn't a Disciple. The bitches didn't care they wanted death .after they killed him they dumped his body and continued to party. This was the end of Westtown Warlords.

United Neighborhood Turf

You were southbound on Leavitt, then you made a left on North Avenue. This neighborhood was protected by the United Neighborhoods for a long time. The association house is on the left. The recycle shop is gone. Friars grill is out. The pawn shop is on the right. The Taylor Jousters ruled this spot up to Ashland. We had Milwaukee Avenue. Around Wolcott, there is a big apartment building. On the top floor, the Crowns had the front and back apartments. There was a barrel full of tight buds! The Latin Disciples had influence just west of there, by the liquor store. This spot after dark had a mixture of pimps, hookers, mldn-tjn, black marketers, and consumers -victims. After Ashland neutral land until North Avenue Beach. That is Folk World.

Wicker Park Warlords

WickerPark Warlord and Warletts

Photo (left to right): LORD EGGIE -MARGO -LIL RICAN - SINBAD IS KNEELING. Click image to enlarge.

My cousin Cachi started to deal on Hoyne and Division, there was a restaurant by the corner. Capone and Elvis wanted that spot after the money started to come in. They told Cachi to move: this was Warlords. Cachi said I'm a King and I opened it, so it's mine. Capone called for a meeting where he found out that Cachi was one of my oldest cousins. The spot was given to Cachi and Capone was given the other side and told to work it. In the early 90's Capone was working at Norwegian Hospital; when he met with wee wee from Artesian Spanish Cobras. The insane 2 nation from Hamlin Park and the Cobras were called the ?Green and Black Machine?, though the i2n was still People. Wee Wee and Capone made secret agreements that night. Folks started to camp in the alley at daybreak and they would disappear during a meeting. I informed the Lords that we were going to blow up the car that comes every night. Capone started to laugh. He said those were Milwaukee Kings and they come by at night. Capone then told the young one of his intention to turn the Warlords Folk! I said no, I didn't even want the Warlords to be people. When the Project Kings started a war with the i2n for control of Hamlin Park, Capone and Elvis backed up the i2n- cobras Alliance. The night before Edward ( Lord Green ) died, we violated my cousin Macho for smoking crack. This was the third Lord I had to violate. On Sunday morning a Vice Lord came to buy a dime from Elvis. His lady yelled " Elvis, there?s a Negro here for a dime.? The Vice Lord said don't call me nigger, and argument started between them. Elvis came down from the third floor and started arguing about respecting his lady. The pee wee?s came down with a King, and the King punched him in the face. The Vice Lord ran down the stairs into a car full of V-Lords and yelled, ?I'll be back !? That?s the night Edward died. Division and Hoyne threaten to hurt my daughter if I sought revenge. I closed Wicker Park after that and said I will come back.

Chief and Edgar were found guilty after the tramps and the guys testified against them. In 1990 Lefty had Westtown, Damen and Potomac closed. All of the Lords belonged to Westtown. La Familia didn't claim hood, we became middleman. We were at the pioneer bowling alley, a bar on Irving Park and Sheffield, and two transmission shops, when Lefty started to use the pee wees as look outs for his business. I had to come back. I told Lefty to hold a meeting for elections in two weeks. Crook showed up to run for election, and the pee wees elected him, but after a week he dropped out. I took it without an election and renamed the entire nation the Wicker Park Warlords. La Familia didn't approve. They didn't trust Damen. Capone and his brother Elvis had cousins that gave him power in numbers. I had the word of "you will die " that gave me power!.

Capone and Elvis had Division and Hoyne in his home for a year after Edwards murder. Lord Alf and the pee wee?s resented being used and turned Latin Kings. The cousins of Capone were rumored to turn Folk in the south west suburbs. I told Lord Alf, I will return when my children are raised to get revenge. There are Warlords along the Indiana-Illinois stateline, and the United Neighborhoods is back! We are along the Wisconsin stateline. May the Warlord of all Warlords be with you ..... Eggie Warlord ....... La Familia Warlords -Wicker Park ?Westtown.

Relationship with the Latin Kings

In 10-2009, a nephew of a warlord from chief's section contacted me about our history. I explained that I closed Wicker Park to prevent the folks from coming in .after the fight with the Kings at the restaurant on Damen and Division ,it was obvious the Kings were expanding in peoples hood instead of folk .the fight between 20 Crowns and 12 pee wees showed we were next ! The pee wees won against guys in their 20's because they were military trained. Another surprise was that Hamlin Park Deuces were in a parked car with weapons, and that meant Spanish Cobras had to be around! In the 80's, the Latin Kings started to grow with the alliance to the United Neighborhoods. First they were able to go north to Lawrence, Montrose Harbor, and the projects by Hamlin Park. They lost Wabansia from Western to Humboldt Blvd. To the VLO-D's, the Kings wanted hoods in allies hoods, so they sent other Kings to cause trouble than say " they weren't from here". They took the YBO-GBO hood on Armitage, declared war on the Insane 2 Nation for Hamlin Park, fought Unknowns for Bucktown, we were next. One section of the Crowns backed us while another said we can't get involved. If the Warlords were to turn Folk, the Kings would have been taken out of the city. The nephew than asked to open a section, so I blessed him in as Lord solo "chief" - thee Almighty Gangster Warlords.... The United Neighborhoods is growing again..... We were before People and Folk .......

Lord Eggie in Marines

When I left for school in Oklahoma, I didn't answer the question of Damen and Evergreen. I wanted Lord Crook to keep wondering. My brother gave me his war sweater. This was an original sweater! Where he received it from I don't know. I gave my party sweater to my vice president " nota " My brother had become war council for Hooterville unknowns and couldn't keep the sweater so I gave him my leather jacket. In boot camp, our platoon was known as hoodlums from Chicago. In Fort Sill Oklahoma, it was cowboys and Indians!

During the 70?s, the Puerto Rican male was the largest group in the Chicago population. This allowed the United Neighborhoods to expand. I thought we had it made. While I was attending fire direction school, in Fort Sill, I found out that I was alone! Half of the cultures were white and the other half was black! I met a black P Stone from boot camp, and a white named Davis who kept going u.a.(awol), I didn't like fire direction, so I transferred to field artillery. This was action Davis and I with a guy named Bernaski left for camp Pendleton, California. I lived in a forest preserve for two years, Las Pulags, was the name of the camp I went to. Echo battery 2-11. Davis took off again to Hamlin Park, I ended up with Bernaski from Delaware and Michael Zimmerman from Chicago. Mike had to join the marines, the judge gave him a choice. We had a three man room in the first week, Bernaski allowed the kkk to have a meeting in the room. I walked into a room full of hate! I thought Gaylords !!!!

I walked into the heart of a room of kkk, and they are realizing I?m not light skinned! I looked at Bernaski and said "i'll take you with me". I backed up to the door and walked out. A black named Washington was outside. He told me not to go into the room because there was a meeting. I told him I was going to get them out and I grabbed a pick handle and went back to my room. I opened the door and yelled, "get the f_ck out of here!?. The whites stood up angry, but there was only ten of them, by that time the other cultures opened their doors to see swastikas. We took care of Bernaski. It wasn't his fault. He was from Delaware.

I always wore my sweater after liberty was granted. I met a Latin King when he wore his war sweater by the chow hall. He informed me that the Two-Six Boys were going to take him out. I told him that was impossible. It is suppose to be city against city, the nations could not gangbang. He said they knew I was at Las Pulgas. I told him Warlords don't fight the Latin Nations, but he said the city is now divided between People and Folks. Westtown Warlords are People. The Two-Six Nation was and still is a nation that doesn't play (I don't kiss ass). Around two weeks later, I met five of the 26 St. Boys around the mess hall. I was invited for a meeting in their room. They told me they wanted the King. I said I couldn't do that. I'm not Westtown, I'm La Familia. I told them this is supposed to be city against city, why are you gangbanging? The Two-Six said the King threatened all of them!

After graduating field artillery school, we went to see our c.o. I thought nice! Mike and I helped Bernaski pass. We should be good. The commanding officer told Mike and Bernaski in front of the first sgt. ,Gunny, and Corporals, "you let this Mexican beat you! He scored the highest in his section". I said "sir, I'm Puerto Rican!? (I thought it made a diff.) The c.o. turned red. That?s worse, ?Get out, you have three days liberty!?

Bernaski, Mike, and I went to the e-club to celebrate. I told them I was to young to drink. The bartender said "that was out in the world". Mike said it was Miller's beer. In Wicker Park, Millers was called weak, Old Style or nothing, I said one beer. The California sun was hot, but inside that air conditioned place the beer was like lemonade! After three beers, i wasted. Bernaski said lets drink a pitcher. The bartender said yeah you're all marines. At the end of the drinking, they got serious while I was d-r-u-n-k. Bernaski said remember that day with the meeting. I said hell yeah I remember. Why he said that I don't know . The marines in the other tables heard and decided to get nosey. What would you do if the united states declared war on Puerto Rico? I looked at Mike than I looked at Bernaski and the rest. I said as sober as I could, Puerto Rico is a part of the USA, how could the United States declare war on itself? I was proud of myself (but wasted) the marines in the other table started to get Bernaski hypered up. He said what would you do if we shot your mother! The rage that shot out of me amazed even the bartender. This was supposed to be like a joke on the newbie?s. I yelled "I?ll kill all of you! I hunt your families and destroy all of you!?

United Neighorhoods Alliance

When Rockwell allowed King Cobra to organize the Renegade Cobras on Artesian, it was either a big mistake or a way to cause trouble without getting your hands dirty. The night he was taken out, The United Neighborhoods took out the lights on Western Ave. I was on North Ave. and Campbell with Tic and some Moose boys, when Bradley pulled out a gun and started to shoot at us. After K-C died, his brother Carl took over, and after he died Bradley took over. In the 90's, a cease fire was declared so he could be exterminated, but the bullet grazed him.