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Vice Lords and Conservative Vice Lords


Love Vice Lord, My Sword, My Shield

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference

What is a Vice Lord:

The term Vice Lord has various meanings. Vice means weakness, Lord means ruler. Thus Vice Lords are weak to the flesh as it relates to human faults, but are rulers under the dispensation of Allah. A person is a Vice Lord by choice as s/he is initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, nevertheless; women are called Vice Lady. The word Vice also means strong grip as in Vice President. Vice Lord meaning the "Strong grip of a Ruler".

Almighty Vice Lord Nation structure:
Supreme Chief-King of Kings
Prince of the Nation
Minister of Justice
Free and Accepted Almighty Minister
Kings of the Nation
Universal Elites
Minister of Command
Precinct Elites
Minister of Literature

Garfield Park Conference

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference

The Current Almighty Vice Lord Nation structure:

Currently the Almighty Vice Lord Nation does NOT have a Supreme Chief-King of Kings and or a Prince of the Nation. The current Minister of Justice is serving life in prison whose name I am forbidden to speak openly, however; I serve as the Free and Accepted Almighty Minister of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. They gave me the rank "Free and Accepted" because of my status of never being incarcerated, thus they have accepted me as their "Almighty Minister" due to my background as a licensed Minister under the late, great Bishop Dr. A.C. Richards and my service as a three time Youth Pastor of three different churches amongst other skills, talents, experiences, credentials and degrees I presently hold.

Garfield Park Conference

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference

Is the Almighty Vice Lord Nation a gang?

To us the term gang means a group of people who associate regularly on a social basis. The AVLN does not condone gang-banging and or criminal acts! We believe in the United States of America's Constitution and everyone rights to be in a gang, organization, social club, sorority and or fraternity, thus we look at the murderous/urban terrorists called the KKK who has a known history of torture, bombing, lynching, mutilating, and murdering African Americans, yet the KKK has been allowed to exist in these United States of America the US Government has spied on and shut down Civil Rights Organizations and the Black Panthers, but why hasn't they spied upon and shut down the KKK as an urban terrorist group that has shamed our Democracy and our American Flag? My friends many claim to be Vice Lords, but if those claiming to be apart of us are criminals then know that they are NOT Vice Lords, because a true Vice Lord understands and adheres to our laws, rules, principles, regulations, and codes of conduct of our Order which are NOT rooted in RAPE, MURDER, and or any CRIMES thwarts our Environment, Society or the Human family!

Dewitt Beall Documentary of the Conservative Vice Lords - A Chicago street gang tries to go straight in Lord Thing

Jim Allen

Jim allen Vide Lords Leader at news conference

What is the Almighty Vice Lord Nation's history?

We have a written history and an oral history. Our written history is available via any yahoo search. Our oral history is kept secret, but know this.... the Almighty Vice Lord Nation has been around since the 1940's and under our "Master Signs" we know every true Vice Lord. All Vice Lords are sworn under Oath to promote Love, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Truth which are the Five Points of our STAR as Allah watch over us and keep us from all hurt, harm, and danger. Vice Lords are NOT Muslims, however, our religion, philosophy, ideology, and doctrine is called LORDISM which is a chosen way of life made manifest through the then primitive teachings and influences by the times and environment of our first teacher the Honorable Pep Pilow and chiseled by devoted believers from various Schools of Thought. Vice Lords are charged to freely study the Bible, Koran, Torah, Apocrypha, Kabbalah, Pali Canon, and the 360 degrees of the ancient mysteries of Mesopotamia, Babylon, Kemit, Israel, Moab, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, Asia, Arabia, Mesoamerica. No one religion has a monopoly on God, yet any religion can claim God exclusively. To us the books of religion are not absolute, but rather relative to man's finite knowledge of God. Vice Lords honor God by various names: Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Amon Ra, or Great Architect of the Universe.

Free and Accepted Almighty Minister:

My duties as the Free and Accepted Almighty Minister of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation is to inspire, transform, educate ALL to the best of my abilities about the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. I have been given the responsibilities of teaching the doctrine of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation and also of correcting those claiming to be Vice Lords whose deeds, actions, and or motivations does NOT reflect the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. I serve as lecturer and think-tank concerning the Almighty Vice Lord Nation and our future direction which consists of, but not limited to recreational, social, educational, political, and economical progress. I am available to aide and assist members of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation on a 24/7 basis. Some of our members are Sports Superstars, Rappers, Singers, Poets, Community Activists, Policemen, Military Officers, Educators, Pastors, Lawyers, Doctors, and Politicians. Continue to pray for my safety as I worked my craft and uplift members of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation across the United States and those serving in the United States Military abroad.

Chicago is the "Motherland" of the Folks Nation and People Nation therefore it is our responsibility to reach out to those in different parts of the Country as it relates to us conveying to ALL the importance of DIVERSITY, UNITY and PEACE...! May we remain United In Peace as we push Tha Movement.

We will be conducting a Nationwide "Peace Tour" centered around former and current members of the Vice Lords Nation. We sincerely believe it is our responsibility to positively reach out to those across our City, County, State, and Nation with a message of Unity, Diversity, Hope, and Peace.

Chicago is the "Motherland" or "Mecca" of various street organizations across the United States of America, therefore the Nation looks to Chicago for positive CHANGE!

Vice Lords, Growth and Development, Latin Kings, New Breeds, Black Disciples, Black P Stones, Black Souls, Four Corner Hustlers, etc., from across the United States of America call me on a daily basis with questions as it relates to strategies for PEACE and creating, developing, and implementing positive community programs in their neighborhoods.

The "Lords of the Nation Peace Tour" is open to all factions, tribes, and organizations that will receive us. Our tour shall kick off in Chicago and then spread throughout the Country.

We shall target the Streets, Barber Shops, Community Centers, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Mosques, Temples, Lodges, Shrines, Synagogues, and Churches with our message of Unity, Diversity, Hope, and Peace. Our mission is PEACE, our blueprint is the efforts of the 1960's Conservative Vice Lords therefore we seek sponsors and support for this great endeavor. We ask those in the Music and Sports Industry to sponsor our efforts, as well as Community Leaders, Faith Based Leaders, Business Leaders and Political Leaders.

Jim Allen

Free and Accepted Almighty Minister


Conservative Vice Lords

Conservative Vice Lords Club Card