Love Vice Lord, My Sword, My Shield

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference
What is a Vice Lord:

The term Vice Lord has various meanings. Vice means weakness, Lord means ruler. Thus Vice Lords are weak to the flesh as it relates to human faults, but are rulers under the dispensation of Allah. A person is a Vice Lord by choice as s/he is initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, nevertheless; women are called Vice Lady. The word Vice also means strong grip as in Vice President. Vice Lord meaning the "Strong grip of a Ruler".

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation structure:
    Supreme Chief-King of Kings
    Prince of the Nation
    Minister of Justice
    Free and Accepted Almighty Minister
    Kings of the Nation
    Universal Elites
    Minister of Command
    Precinct Elites
    Minister of Literature

Garfield Park Conference

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference
The Current Almighty Vice Lord Nation structure:

Currently the Almighty Vice Lord Nation does NOT have a Supreme Chief-King of Kings and or a Prince of the Nation. The current Minister of Justice is serving life in prison whose name I am forbidden to speak openly, however; I serve as the Free and Accepted Almighty Minister of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. They gave me the rank "Free and Accepted" because of my status of never being incarcerated, thus they have accepted me as their "Almighty Minister" due to my background as a licensed Minister under the late, great Bishop Dr. A.C. Richards and my service as a three time Youth Pastor of three different churches amongst other skills, talents, experiences, credentials and degrees I presently hold.

Garfield Park Conference

Jim allen Vice Lords Leader at news conference
Is the Almighty Vice Lord Nation a gang?

To us the term gang means a group of people who associate regularly on a social basis. The AVLN does not condone gang-banging and or criminal acts! We believe in the United States of America's Constitution and everyone rights to be in a gang, organization, social club, sorority and or fraternity, thus we look at the murderous/urban terrorists called the KKK who has a known history of torture, bombing, lynching, mutilating, and murdering African Americans, yet the KKK has been allowed to exist in these United States of America the US Government has spied on and shut down Civil Rights Organizations and the Black Panthers, but why hasn't they spied upon and shut down the KKK as an urban terrorist group that has shamed our Democracy and our American Flag? My friends many claim to be Vice Lords, but if those claiming to be apart of us are criminals then know that they are NOT Vice Lords, because a true Vice Lord understands and adheres to our laws, rules, principles, regulations, and codes of conduct of our Order which are NOT rooted in RAPE, MURDER, and or any CRIMES thwarts our Environment, Society or the Human family!